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Restrict OLAP Schemas Per User

To enable user-level access restrictions for each published analysis schema in the Pentaho User Console, follow the instructions below.

Note: There is a different process for restricting OLAP schemas per role. See Mondrian Role Mapping in the BA Server for instructions on role mapping.
  1. Log into the Pentaho User Console as the administrator user.
  2. Create new a solution directory for the user you want to provide a private analysis schema for.
  3. Change the access permissions on the new user directory so that only the specified user has access to it.
  4. Copy the target schema to the private directory that you just created.
  5. Rename the copied schema such that it reflects the user account that now owns it.
  6. Refresh the solution repository.
  7. Add data source entries for each personalized schema copy you created, using the Data Source Wizard to edit the data source.
    <Catalog name="Suzy">
    <Catalog name="Tiffany">
  8. Edit the /pentaho/server/biserver-ee/pentaho-solutions/system/pentaho.xml file and add a ,xml to the end of the acl-files list.
  9. Restart the BA Server.
The schema copies you created are now only available to the users you specified.