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Executing Transformations


Indicates how to initialize slave servers, execute jobs and transformations, and how to perform an impact analysis.

When you are done modifying a transformation or job, you can run it by clicking ../pdi_admin_guide/images/run.png (Run) from the main menu toolbar, or by pressing F9. There are three options that allow you to decide where you want your transformation to be executed:

  • Local Execution — The transformation or job executes on the machine you are currently using.
  • Execute remotely — Allows you to specify a remote server where you want the execution to take place. This feature requires that you have the Data Integration Server running or Data Integration installed on a remote machine and running the Carte service. To use remote execution you first must set up a slave server (see Setting Up a Slave Server) .
  • Execute clustered — Allows you to execute a transformation in a clustered environment.