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Link an Analysis Report

You can link from either a graphic element or a hyperlink in an Analysis report.

Create Graphic Element Links to a Report

You can create content-to-content links between an Analyzer chart and any other parameterized report such as a Report Designer report, a data table, or another Analyzer report.

Below are general instructions for linking an Analyzer chart to a report. You must adjust the instructions when working with your own data.

  1. Create a simple dashboard that contains an Analyzer chart and a parameterized report. The example above displays an Analyzer chart and an Analyzer Report displayed as a table view. At this point, none of the content has been linked and you have a "static" dashboard.

    Hypothetically, if you want users to be able to click a bar in the bar chart and update the Analyzer table view, the table must contain at least one parameter. In the example below, there are two parameters, (LINE and TERRITORY), associated with the Analyzer table.


  2. Under General Settings, choose the Analyzer chart. Click the Content Linking tab then click the check box (or check boxes) next to the field/column name you want enabled for content linking. Click Apply.
  3. Under General Settings, choose the Analyzer Report (table view) and click the Parameters tab. Click the down arrow, in the Source text box to display another source for the parameters you created. In the example below, notice that Sales by Line, (this is the name of the dashboard panel that contains the chart), can now be selected as a source for both the TERRITORY and LINE parameters.
  4. Save your dashboard. See Saving Dashboards for steps.

In this example, content linking is applied when users double-click a bar in the bar chart. The data table updates and displays sales details for a product line in a specific territory.


Create Hyperlinks to a Report

Below are general instructions for creating content links in an Analyzer report, (inside a dashboard), that can be used to drive the parameter values of content in other dashboard panels. You must adjust the instructions when working with your own data.

In the example below, content linking was applied. When users click a territory hyperlink in the Analyzer report, the data table updates and displays customer-related details associated with that specific territory exclusively.